Cargill’s protein and animal nutrition businesses are providing food for the people and animal victims of Hurricane Harvey’s historic south Texas flooding. More than 3 million servings of easy-to-prepare protein are headed to Cargill’s food distribution center in San Antonio for dissemination to relief agencies serving the devastated flood zone that includes Houston and surrounding areas.

Working closely with state agencies and veterinarians, Cargill Animal Nutrition is donating six truckloads (300,000 pounds) of animal feed for impacted livestock in the region. Earlier in the week, Cargill contributed nearly $150,000 to support Red Cross and Feeding America local relief efforts.

“The enormity of the destructive natural force that impacted south Texas this past week, and the resulting images we have seen have been heart-wrenching,” said Brian Sikes, president of Wichita-based Cargill Protein. “I am truly proud to see how the agriculture sector is coming together to support the community. It is a reflection of our commitment to nourishing people, animals and the planet, especially in times of such great need. We will be providing more than 3 million servings of easy-to-prepare meats to aid those in need.”

The meat that Cargill is providing for relief efforts includes cooked seasoned ground beef, hot dogs and deli meats.

“Our hearts truly go out to all of those impacted by the devastation from Hurricane Harvey,” said Mark Lueking, managing director of Cargill’s U.S. Feed & Nutrition business. “At a time like this, it is important for us to come together and do whatever we can to help them begin the process of rebuilding. That’s why we are donating animal feed to ensure impacted farmers have what they need to keep their animals nourished during this trying and uncertain time.”

In addition to the above donations, Cargill employees are donating hurricane flood relief funds through a company program, with various Cargill businesses providing matching funds.