The annual Arbor Acres seminar, was designed to communicate relevant flock management advice from key service team managers and specialists and also to provide hands-on involvement and training for participants in specific workshops during the event. The meeting was held in July in Chang Mai, Thailand where it generated a number of very favorable comments from the 72 customer attendees at the event.

The Arbor Acres team and regional specialists covered male management to optimize uniformity and fertility, female management through initial production and late production to gain the best performance. Factors like good brooding, water quality and availability, the environmental response and the use of antibiotics and how they all play a role in gut integrity. Critical elements of hatching egg management were revealed and followed by understanding vaccine titers, the use of Elisa test results and veterinary inspection for a better diagnosis of challenges.

The second day commenced with transitional and hot weather ventilation and the importance of rodent control before a session on Arbor Acres development and broiler assessment. The remaining agenda consisted of 6 breakout workshops covering the following topics:

  • Planning of ventilation requirements for new housing
  • Identification of fertile and infertile eggs in a fresh egg breakout
  • Calculating relationships between part weights and live weights
  • Monitoring rodent devices and correct field placement
  • Creating an awareness of serology in disease monitoring and investigation
  • Assessing and identifying causes of problems in an intestinal case study

“The Arbor Acres team constantly communicates and assesses customer requests and areas of focus to build the agenda for an important annual event like this for the customers. The topics that bring the greatest value are selected and this year we placed an emphasis on the benefit of hands-on training in a workshop setting to make the most impact. It was a success and we are pleased with the response,” commented Marc Baribault, vice president, Arbor Acres Asia Pacific.