Industrias Bachoco, Mexico’s leading producer and processor of poultry and other food products, reported that there are no material damages to its facilities after the earthquakes of September 7 and 19, that occurred in the southern and central regions of Mexico.

Because of that, the company has continued its normal operations.

However, some of Bachoco’s employees and their families have not been as fortunate.


Rodolfo Ramos, Bachoco’s chief executive officer, stated that the company is currently putting its focus on:

  • Providing immediate assistance to our employees and their families affected by the earthquakes
  • Helping those affected in the southern communities and Mexico City by donating prepared food directly and through some of the food chains Bachoco works with, in coordination with Mexican authorities. 
  • Continuing company operations and to keep the supply of Bachoco food products to reach all regions the company supplies to, either affected or not by this event. 

The CEO said Bachoco will follow closely the evolution of events and be ready to provide assistance in every way it can to help in this difficult situation Mexico is facing. 

“Even when there is no easy solution to the unfortunate losses, we are confident that the unity shown by the people in Mexico will enable our country to overcome these events,” he said