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Yurii Bukhanovskyi, Bigstock
on September 26, 2017

BRF to reopen poultry plant with focus on halal market

Plant, which had been closed since June 2016, will be part of BRF’s OneFoods unit

From WATTAgNet:

BRF is reopening a plant in the Brazilian state of Goiás with the intent of processing halal poultry.

The company intends to have the plant, which has been closed since June 2016, in operation by January 2018.

The plant will be overseen by OneFoods, the new BRF halal business unit the company formed in early 2017.

According to a Reuters report, the products processed at the facility in Goiás will be shipped to markets in the Middle East where the demand for halal chicken is high.

BRF, in introducing its OneFoods unit in January 2017, stated that OneFoods would be “the world’s largest halal animal protein company.” The unit was formed to replace BRF’s previous business that specialized in halal food, Sadia Halal.

At the time of its formation, OneFoods had about 15,000 employees and operated 10 plants, including eight in Brazil, one in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and one in Malaysia.

While BRF is headquartered in Brazil, OneFoods is headquartered in Dubai, UAE.

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