29th World Veterinary Congress will be held in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada on 27-31 July 2008. Regular registration closes on 6 June. www.worldveterinarycongress2008.com . 

The 1st international conference and exhibition on avian influenza and human health has been announced. BirdFlu2008 will take place in St Anne’s College of Oxford University in the UK on 11-12 September 2008. www.libpubmedia.co.uk/Conferences/BirdFlu2008/Home.htm 

MEAT-ing 2008 is billed as the first international exhibition for the meat world. It will take place at the new Fiera di Roma in Rome, Italy on 19-22 September 2008. The conference and exhibition are dedicated to the whole meat chain from farmers to processors and traders. Already, more than 30 countries have expressed interest in participating and the European Livestock and Meat Trading Union (UECBV) will hold its conference at the event. www.meat-ing.org .


The Bulgarian Poultry Union has announced its 30th international conference, business meeting and exhibition.Poultry Farming 2008will take place at Varna on 14-16 October 2008. galus@mb.bia-bg.com