1. Pork 101
Monday, January 29, 1 – 5 p.m.
Free (included with trade show admission)

This hands-on workshop is designed for IPPE attendees to see the highlights of AMSA’s three-day Pork 101 conference. This session will cover quality and consistency issues in the pork industry, including insight on value differences in swine, pork carcasses, pork primals and processed pork products due to quality variation.

About the show

International Production & Processing Expo
January 30 – February 1, 2018
Georgia World Congress Center
Atlanta, Georgia

2. Meat Industry Regulatory Update and Compliance Session
Wednesday, January 31, 8 – 10 a.m.
Free (included with trade show admission)

This session will discuss the top regulatory issues affecting meat processors in the past year and what challenges are ahead in 2018. In addition, this session will take a focused look at common in-plant inspection and enforcement issues, and provide insight on how to best respond and deal with these matters.

3. Robotics in the Meat and Poultry Industry: Putting Technology to Work
Wednesday, January 31, 8 – 10 a.m.
Free (included with trade show admission)

Employers in the meat and poultry industry are well aware of labor issues and challenges and are increasingly exploring how the use of robotics can increase efficiencies. As new technology is revealed that can help streamline processes, the options for using robotics continues to become more sophisticated. With new designs, features and technology, robotics systems can increase speed and throughput while decreasing downtime. This session will discuss the current status and future direction of robotics in the meat and poultry industry, and will include a panel discussion of processors who are already implementing these technologies.


4. Livestock Handling and Stunning to Optimize Animal Welfare and Regulatory Compliance
Wednesday, January 31, 8 – 10 a.m.
Free (included with trade show admission)

This session, led by world-renowned animal welfare expert Temple Grandin, will take an in-depth look at ensuring effective stunning using a variety of methods and troubleshooting issues. The session will also cover the critical topic of stunner maintenance. Failed stuns are the leading cause of plant suspensions, so don’t miss your chance to learn from the experts about how to stun effectively, enhance animal welfare and keep your operations running smoothly. 

5. Get the Facts with Meat Mythcrushers
Thursday, February 1, 8 – 10 a.m.
Free (included with trade show admission)

With consumers becoming further removed from agriculture, the news media, books and movies have become primary sources for information about how food is produced, making consumers vulnerable to myths and misinformation. The goal of Meat MythCrushers is to crush the myths and provide referenced facts so consumers can make informed choices. This session will cover information on some of the top myths, and provide attendees with tools needed to talk to consumers and customers about the way food is produced. 

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