Koch Foods will build a feed mill in Roanoke, Alabama, in Randolph County, with a capital investment of $40,450,000.

The plant will produce prepared feeds and feeding ingredients to support the growth of Koch Foods’ Pine Mountain, Georgia, poultry processing plant. An estimated 46 people will be employed at the plant, once it is in operation.

It is projected that the new feed mill will also result in the development of up to 190 new growing houses developed by contracted local farmers. Each facility is estimated to cost $500,000 to construct, resulting in $95 million of capital spending along with new jobs, property tax, and sales tax into the local economy.

Mark Kaminsky, chief operating officer of Koch Foods, said: “Koch Foods is very excited about the opportunity to come to Roanoke, Alabama, and Randolph County. This would not have become possible without the support of both the city and the county. Our plans to build a state-of-the-art feed mill in Roanoke will allow for a more efficient live operation that is necessary in today’s extremely competitive environment. With the right facilities such as this feed mill in place, Koch Foods will not only remain competitive but look to expand in this area. We appreciate all the support this project has received.”


Economic impact

“The City of Roanoke is proud to announce that Koch Foods will locate their new feed mill here,” said Roanoke Mayor Mike Fisher. “With the combined efforts of the City of Roanoke, Randolph County Commission, and the economic development authority this long-awaited project is now ready to locate in Roanoke. This company will bring new jobs and economic growth. We are fortunate to have this business and we look forward to a long working relationship with them.”

The company will hire 27 full-time employees plus an additional 19 truck drivers, with a total annual payroll of nearly $2 million, according to Marilyn Lott, executive director of Randolph County Economic Development Authority (RCEDA).

“Koch Foods’ decision to locate their world-class facility here is great news for Randolph County,” said Lott.

“This project will bring a significant economic impact to Randolph County,” added Wendell Shelton, chairman of RCEDA. “It will not only create jobs and benefit the poultry producers, but it will also benefit many other businesses in the area that will provide the feed mill with ingredients, utilities, and supplies.”