As a feed additives company, Nutriad, Inc. doesn’t see itself as only part of the animal protein/feed industry, but as an important player in the food chain as well. With that realization, the company takes very seriously the safety of its products and ingredients not only to animals but also to consumers.

Recently, the animal protein/feed industry has had numerous cases of recalls and contamination tarnishing the industry and giving more ammunition to groups that are fighting against animal agriculture. According to the CDC, 48 million people get sick in the US alone due to foodborne illnesses with over 3,000 deaths every year.

Considering the overall recalls in the food industry, almost 50% is related to bacterial contamination, 7% is related to physical contamination and 6% is related to chemical contamination. Those recalls resulted in hundreds of millions of dollars in losses not to mention the negative impact on company brands that can take years to recover.

Besides cases of Salmonella, Listeria and E. Coli infection in beef, turkeys and chickens, cases of chemical residues and contaminants caused global damages to the food industry. For example, the melamine scandal in Chinese milk victimized over 300,000 and led to the death of 6 babies. Also, dioxins and PCBs were involved in several recalls and brand damaging scandals in the feed and food industry, with recent cases in hog feed in Ireland, animal feed in Belgium, citrus pulp in Brazil and others.


To guarantee the safety of its products, Nutriad, Inc. invested close to a half million US dollars in safety studies on their precision delivery coated Sodium Butyrate. In a project that spanned one and a half years and involved globally independent and recognized institutions. Nutriad, Inc. assured their customers that feeding the studied product was safe for animals and consumers.

“The attention to details was key to accomplishing this project, in a process that involved certification, documentation, validation, verification, and research” stated Dr. Steve Moreland, VP Technical Services and Support and lead person on this project. Steve adds, “Using national and international institutions gave us the assurance that we meet our customer’s expectation that our product is stable over time and safe to their animals, and more importantly to their customers.”

Nutriad, Inc. expects this new initiative will help their customers make wise decisions when choosing their partners and the ingredients used in their feed. According to Guilherme Bromfman, Director of Business Development, “In the next few months we will publish articles and send out press releases explaining the entire process involved in achieving this safety milestone. This will also be the subject for our annual breakfast meeting during the Midwest Poultry Federation meeting in 2018."