Japfa Comfeed is upgrading its hatchery in Subang, West Java, which is expected to make it one of the most advanced hatcheries in Indonesia.

Ecat-iD, a global provider of intelligently designed hatchery technology, worked closely with Japfa to automate its major hatchery processes with a custom-made system, incorporating the latest Ecat-iD Laser Life egg candling technology, basket stackers and destackers along with a setter tray tipper. The state-of-the-art equipment was designed to fit the specific operational requirements and the building environment at Japfa.


The new automated equipment will increase the hatchery productivity to a processing capacity of 1.5 million eggs per week and producing 1.2 million day-old chicks per week (300,000 per day). The process speed at Japfa will be able to process 65,000 per hour with a take-off speed of 72,000 per hour.

With more accurate identification and removal of contaminated or dead eggs, the Japfa hatchery has maximized its compliance with the highest biosecurity and safety standards, while boosting chick quality.