Koch Foods is expanding its hatchery in Crossville, Alabama. Construction work is now underway at the hatchery, and the first chicks from the expanded facility are expected in June 2018.

The company has chosen to work with Pas Reform and NatureForm to supply the equipment for the hatchery.

With a current weekly processing capacity of 14 million broilers, Koch Foods is starting its extensive renovation project at its Crossville hatchery,where adding 48 SmartSetPro setters and 48 SmartHatchPro hatchers will increase capacity by 2.1 million eggs set per week, to bring total weekly capacity at this hatchery alone up 3.8 million eggs.

The Koch Foods hatchery expansion project will also include a complete HVAC system for both the new expansion and the egg and chick handling areas as well as chillers, pressure controls and humidification system, for a state-of-the-art climate control system throughout the hatchery.


The installation will also incorporate an entire range of hatchery automation systems, with farm to setter rack transfer systems, auto-candling and transfer, chick separator, animal-friendly chick counters, washers, stackers and de-stackers.

Koch Foods also building new feed mill

Earlier this month, Koch Foods, the fifth largest broiler company in the United States, announced another expansion project. The company is building a feed mill in Roanoke, Alabama, with a capital investment of more than $40 million. When completed, the feed mill will employ 46 people and support the company’s poultry plant in Pine Mountain, Georgia.

Koch Foods is headquartered in Chicago.