Livestock Water Recycling, Inc. could not be prouder to congratulate Director of Operations J.R. Brooks, and Lead Designer, Gareth Jenkins for being recognized among the Top 40 Under 40 by Avenue Magazine. Together they have helped develop an innovative technology that is making a significant contribution to the advancement of modern agricultural practices and farming sustainability.

“This group of Calgarians is moving the city forward,” says Kathe Lemon, Avenue Calgary Editor-in-Chief. "To be a Top 40 it's not enough to work hard and play hard -- you must change the playing field. The Class of 2017 are both literally and figuratively building the city that, in the future, we will all live in."

“I’m extremely proud of the work that we’ve done and am grateful for this acknowledgement,” says Brooks. “As I reflect back on our journey in manure treatment and can now see the impact that our technology is having on the global food production industry, I am not only proud of the work that we are doing, but of the team we’ve built and of the collective success that we’ve had.”

“Being involved with our manure treatment system has been the biggest accomplishment of my career,” says Jenkins. “As a new father, it is important for me to leave the world in better shape than I found it and to ensure that it is here for many future generations to come. This recognition is especially important for my family as it is an acknowledgement of all the hard work and difficult days that has led us to this moment.”


LWR is a global leader in manure treatment technology with multiple sites in operations across North America.

“The spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship has always been what has made Calgary great, and I am proud to lead a team that contributes to a more diverse economy for our city,” says Brooks. “Today, systems that were designed and manufactured right here in Calgary are operating on farms in New York, Indiana, Michigan, Nebraska, Virginia and Wisconsin and are changing the way an entire global industry manages one of the biggest challenges that they face.”

“As someone who believes that it is important to understand where our food comes from, knowing that we are making a direct impact on the way it is produced is something that I am extremely proud of,” adds Jenkins.

Avenue’s Top 40 Under 40 Class of 2017 is a celebration not only of individual success in its many guises, across a range of sectors, but also of the city that has provided the honorees a home and a foundation for their work. The article will appear in the November 2017 issue of Avenue Calgary.