The 2009 International Poultry Exposition marked the return of the major manufacturers of cage installations and grading equipment who were absent in 2008.

The outstanding trend was an intensified interest in alternatives to cage systems prompted in part by the price premium for organic and cage-free eggs and recent events in California which may presage similar action in other states.

The international character of the IPE was clearly demonstrated with representation by manufacturers from the European Union in addition to attendees from four continents. Efficiency was the common theme with respect to equipment and services offered.

A selection of innovations

The following products were noted for innovation or the potential for commercial application:

Further processing equipment generated interest consistent with the proportion of eggs marketed as liquid:

Sanovo Staalkat displayed the OptiBreaker Range with models processing from 185 cph to 500 cph. OptiBreakers incorporate plastic cups which permit use of a sophisticated scanning system for quality control and CIP.

OvoPro added the model EB 500 Egg Breaking System to their range with a rated capacity of 500 cph.

Diamond Moba Americas, a new eponymous entity, was created by acquisition displayed both Diamond Innova and Moba grading and packing installations on a single booth. Marketing and service of the two product lines has been consolidated with support from the Michigan and Pennsylvania Centers.

Orka Food Technology displayed the Egg Shell Force Reader that determines egg strength and the Egg Analyzer which determines Haugh units and yolk color with electronic linkage to a database.

Manure composting

Composting poultry manure is gaining in popularity due to environmental restraints and the potential to generate additional revenue. Applicable products included:

Units on offer from Kohshin Engineering Installations are suitable for permanent installation in dedicated manure processing plants.

Supply Composters for operation in high-rise houses were displayed by Farmer Automatic.


Brown Bear displayed a composting agitator unit that can be mounted on a tractor or skid loader to process litter in floor systems.

Nova-Tech Poultry Services Processor More than 400 of Nova-Tech units are now in operation for beak treatment using infrared technology and to inject vaccines by the subcutaneous route at a rate of 4,000 chicks per hour. (

Cumberland's Integra I-Box 360 Management Systems module incorporates feed inventory and consumption records, ventilation control, environmental monitoring and video surveillance for management and verification of welfare.

Chore-Time's first system comprising a multi-tier module with feeding, egg collection and manure belts was shown.

Big Dutchman showed their Colony 2+ slatted floor system, Natura and Natura Nova aviary units.

Vencomatic's floor and aviary systems conforming to international and U.S. welfare standards were displayed.

Volito presented a high density aviary module as used in the EU featuring nests on a single level among the perch modules.

The Farmer Automatic Combi Layer Systems incorporate feeding, egg collection and manure removal systems similar to their range of cages. Also shown, a compatible rearing system to acclimate pullets to the laying environments.

Meller Anlagenbau showed their Kombi-laying-aviary available in three-tier and four-tier configurations.

Safety and inventory control

Trace back and inventory control will become more important as food safety regulations are intensified.

BCS bv demonstrated the Ovotrack integrated systems which extends from scanning at the farm level through processing and packing.

Agro Systems's Accucount module applied infrared technology to egg counting. (

Big Dutchman has also developed a similar unit with a feature that detects soiled eggs.