Recently, Impex opened a new factory near Frankfurt, Germany, where it makes drinking nipples for pig and poultry industry. The ultra modern production facility in Aulenhausen replaced the Neher factory which burned down in April 2014. With an investment of more than 20 million euros, Impex has now one of the most modern and sustainable production plants in the world. It produces here more than 30 million pig and poultry drinkers per year.

The opening of the factory in Aulenhausen has a special significance for the village of 250 souls. Landrat Manfred Michel and Mayor Manfred Heep of Weilmünster, to which Aulenhausen belongs, expressed great gratitude for the decision of the Impex owners, the Wentzel family, to rebuild the factory in this village. A departure would have caused great damage to the village. Now there is a future for young families to revive the village life.

The factory offers work for around 60 employees. Most of them have had an intensive training after getting out of the old factory to get acquainted with the newest multispindle machines and measuring equipment so that they were well prepared for their new work environment.


In addition to the production department, the factory has an ultramodern testing and research center. This is the pride of Impex director Richard Wentzel. "Here, among other things, products are carefully monitored with high precision measuring equipment, for example roughness, roundness, flatness, angularity and thickness of the steel parts and air tightness of the composed nipples.

Sustainability testing of essential products is also carried out to ensure many years of uninterrupted and leak-free use of the nipples."

With the commissioning of the new plant, Impex may continue to deliver high-quality products that meet the three pillars Impex represents; Innovation, Service and Quality.