The International Egg Commission (IEC) held its 2008 Marketing and Production Conference in October, in Shanghai, China, recognizing the growth and development of the egg industry in the world’s biggest egg producing country. A record number of 370 delegates from 36 countries attended, gathering information and learning about innovations.

United States accepts awards

The United States won the IEC’s Golden Egg Award for the best egg promotional program by a country. Joanne Ivy, president of the American Egg  Board, presented the winning campaign and accepted the award on behalf of the United States.


But the United States’ success at the meeting did not end there. Fred Adams, Jr., chief executive officer of Cal-Maine Foods, Inc., was named IEC’s International Egg Person of the Year.

Industry experts presented on a broad range of topics, reviewing recent research, offering market analyses, and providing attendees with information to use in their strategic planning for the upcoming year.