A variety of open forums and field sessions brought together operations employees from Cargill’s five regions across the world at the first Cobb-sponsored technical school in China.

The week-long event was held in late October at Shanghai and Chuzhou in eastern China. Organizers expect the school to become an annual event aimed at sharing knowledge between the two companies.

David Johnson, agriculture director of Cargill Meats Canada, said that Cobb had been selected as Cargill’s preferred supplier earlier this year.

“This school aims to bring all the Cargill operations together in the same room so we can all learn from Cobb and, equally importantly, learn from each other’s experiences,” he said. “We thank Cobb for organizing the school and sharing with us their expertise in poultry production.”


“This event helps benchmark performance from these different Cargill regions,” said Pelayo Casanovas, general manager for Cobb Asia Pacific. “It shows the potential performance of the Cobb500 in different parts of the world and highlights the key factors and management practices that make specific operations so successful.”

Nearly 20 topics were discussed, including genetic selection, water quality, pullet management, hatchery egg handling, ventilation and antibiotic-free broiler programs. Participants also were able to go inside Cargill China operations to see first-hand the issues learned about in the classroom.

Cargill has 155,000 employees in 70 countries involved in food, agriculture, nutrition and risk management. Cargill operates poultry businesses in Canada, United Kingdom, Philippines, Thailand and Central America.