Sepid Toyour Pars Niak, Aviagen’s Arbor Acres parent stock (PS) exclusive distributor in Iran, hosted a seminar for 130 attendees, including PS and veterinary service managers, focusing on important management and veterinary topics affecting the Iranian Industry in Tehran on Sept. 25.

This seminar was another example of the close collaboration between the Aviagen Arbor Acres team and Sepid Toyour Pars Niak as they work together to maintain and grow the popularity of Arbor Acres brand in Iran by ensuring security of supply and valuable, first-class customer service.

Topics presented at the seminar were chosen with the Iranian market requirements in mind and included a presentation by Dr. Dan Pearson, Veterinary Health Director, Aviagen Europe. Dr. Pearson spoke on Infectious Bronchitis (IB) Disease Control and Vaccination, and highlighted differing IB classical and variant viruses, vaccine protection levels and protection against IB.

Neil Clark, global technical transfer manager, Aviagen, discussed Male Management, noting how best to manage males, and synchronize male to female sexual maturity and thereby maximize fertility. Clark also focused on Feeding Management and Body Weight Control, citing the importance of bodyweight control during the different stages of rearing and production. 


The interactive nature of the presentations, followed by a busy Q&A session, allowed the local customers to gather as much information as possible from the seminar.

Khalil Nassar, International commercial manager for Arbor Acres, Middle East and Africa, said: “Working closely with our AA distributors is crucial to our success and growth in the region. This approach means we can guarantee the best possible final product for AA clients. The better the management and disease prevention, the better the overall product performs, as highlighted at today’s seminar. Sepid Toyour Pars Niak holds the same values and vision of professionalism and sharing of knowledge that we do and collaborating with them on seminars like this will help the Arbor Acres brand succeeds in the region.”

Houman Mottaghi, Sepid Toyour Pars Niak, added: “Our aim is to provide the highest quality Arbor Acres parents possible, backed up by local customer support and service to consistently improve our performance in Iran. Commitment to our customers and the wider broiler industry is of the upmost importance to SepidToyour Pars Niak and our Arbor Acres seminars have always been well received. We thank the Aviagen Arbor Acres teams for their continued inputs.”