How Do You Like Your Eggs? The American Egg Board, the marketing arm for U.S. egg farmers, poses this age-old question to Americans through its latest marketing campaign — a relaunch of the brand's trademark "Incredible Egg."

Breaking out of the ordinary, The Incredible Egg and its new campaign inspires consumers to think about eggs differently — beyond the usual. Not only are eggs nutritious, with one large egg containing 6 grams of high-quality protein, they're also one of the most versatile foods on the planet. From deviled, baked, fried or even as a cloud, the latest campaign from The Incredible Egg helps consumers explore the ways and occasions for which they enjoy eggs.

"The Incredible Egg has been a cultural icon for 40 years, and we intend to infuse it with modern energy that will incite people's passion and usage of this truly incredible food," said Anne L. Alonzo, President and CEO, American Egg Board. "A fun food deserves an equally fun campaign, and the American Egg Board is taking the incredible egg to new heights."


The campaign, which launches with out of home and digital, is the first from creative agency partner Energy BBDO, advertising agency of record for the American Egg Board. The work takes a humorous and light-hearted approach to eggs, pairing colorful characters and personalities with egg dishes, such as a nun who loves deviled eggs or Santa, who of course prefers his eggs nogged. The How Do You Like Your Eggs? campaign characters express their personality through a few egg puns and cracked jokes.

Sofia Therios, Vice President, Consumer Media, American Egg Board, said, "There's no wrong answer to the question How Do You Like Your Eggs?" With this campaign, The Incredible Egg hope to help consumers unleash new ways to enjoy the incredible egg from breakfast to dinner and everything in between, she added.

In addition to the creative campaign, the American Egg Board is also releasing innovative incredible egg recipes inspired by the insight that thanks to their versatility, nutrition and flavor, eggs are an abundant ingredient in countless dishes. The possibilities are truly endless.