Vetanco and Dr. Bata Ltd present a new partnership, BV Science, Inc., this new business partnership is a direct result from joining the research, marketing and technical support departments.

Dave Zacek, CEO, was selected by Vetanco and Dr. Bata Ltd. to organize and lead the new subsidiary which will have an operational base in St. Louis, Mo, USA.  Dave arrives with extensive and distinguished work experience in the animal health industry. He began his career at Salsbury Labs, followed by a move to Solvay and Megan Health. Most notably for 12 years he was the CEO of Lohmann Animal Health International. Recently, Dave left his position as director of Eubiotics Division of Novus to join our team and oversee the establishment of BV Science. 

From our BV Science offices (USA) Dave will collaborate globally in the development of our international strategies.  The Scientific and Technical Department will be under the direction of Sherry Layton, PhD, CSO, and Mrs. Jan Katterhenry, CFO, will be in charge of Finance and Administration.


Our most innovative product lines will now have a presence in the United States. Evaluations with our Biotechnology Developments, Biotech Vac and Gamaxine, and our Phytobiotics, Herbanoplex, Dysantic and Detoxaplus, have already began in various University and Corporate Research Centers around the United States.

Together with the arrival of Dr. Maritza Tamayo, a dedicated specialist for poultry biologics, Dr Bata and Vetanco close this business year at a preeminent level.