See what topics were the most popular in the animal feed industry in December.

Adisseo acquires Nutriad

Feed additive producer Bluestar Adisseo will acquire Nutriad, the companies announced on December 12.


Top 11 US feed-producing companies

Every year, Feed Management’s sister publication Feed International compiles a list of the World’s Top Feed Companies. In 2016, 100 animal feed manufacturers worldwide met or exceeded 1 million metric tons of compound feed production.


7 ways to increase weaned piglets' feed intake

There are many ways to convince weaned pigs to start eating within hours after separation from their mothers, but we still persist in the old ways that cause piglets to starve for days.


How to increase broiler feed intake

When birds do not consume enough feed, there are six steps we can take to entice them to eat more.


6 alternative energy ingredients to feed broilers

Corn and wheat are staple energy sources worldwide, but not necessarily always the most profitable ones as local and opportunity ingredients can be used at advantage.


5 feeding strategies to combat piglet diarrhea

There are many ways to design piglet diets, and one of them involves certain strategies that aim to prevent nutritional diarrheas and avoid complications with pathogenic ones.


6 steps to select the right animal nutrition supplier

Finding the right partner to trust the 60 percent of your daily farm expense can be one of the most critical decision for any animal feed producer and local feed compounder.


Webinar: Using NIR in feed to manage raw materials

During this quick 15-minute presentation, learn how NIR technology can save you time and money by making the most of raw materials.


Benefits of fiber feed additives in poultry nutrition

Poultry have an inherent need for fiber to maintain a healthy digestive system. Soluble fibers can be used as an energy source by poultry; however, they also reduce the digestibility of nutrients, such as protein, starch and fat.


Feed ingredients: Do as you would have done to you

Ioannis Mavromichalis: Yes, I am citing the Bible, if only because I want to paraphrase it, just a bit, to suit my message today.