Hain Celestial has reportedly been for sale for about a year, and a divestiture of its poultry operations could make a sale of the diversified company more feasible.

Among Hain Celestial’s assets include Hain Pure Protein and a stake in Empire Kosher, which are both involved in organic and antibiotic-free broiler and turkey production and processing. Hain Pure Protein’s chicken brand is FreeBird, while its turkey brand is Plainville Farms. Empire Kosher’s brands include Empire and Malchus. According to the WATTAgNet Top Poultry Companies Database, Hain Pure Protein is the 29th largest broiler company in the U.S. and the 11th largest turkey company. Empire Kosher is the 32nd largest U.S. broiler company and 21st largest turkey company.

Hain Celestial, according to the New York Post, has been struggling to find a buyer because its organic and natural brands portfolio is too diverse. Nestle was reported to be one interested buyer, but only if it divested of its poultry portfolio.

Irwin Simon, founder and CEO of the publicly traded Hain Celestial, indicated that the Hain could be looking to sell its poultry operations.


“Maybe [the sale plan] will involve selling some of my more lower-margin businesses,” Simon said, but he added that the company has “not made any decisions.”

Hain Celestial assets

Headquartered in Lake Success, New York, Hain Celestial has operations in North America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

Hain Celestial most recently added Clarks UK Ltd., The Natural Sweeteners Company, to its portfolio. It announced its acquisition of the United Kingdom’s leading maple syrup brand, and a natural sweetener brand in December 2017.

Other Hain Celestial brands include: Celestial Seasonings, Earth's Best, Ella's Kitchen, Terra, Garden of Eatin', Sensible Portions, Health Valley, Arrowhead Mills, MaraNatha, SunSpire, DeBoles, Casbah, Rudi's Organic Bakery, Hain Pure Foods, Spectrum, Spectrum Essentials, Imagine, Almond Dream, Rice Dream, Soy Dream, WestSoy, The Greek Gods, BluePrint, Yves Veggie Cuisine, Europe's Best, Cully & Sully, New Covent Garden Soup Co., Johnson's Juice Co., Farmhouse Fare, Hartley's, Sun-Pat, Gale's, Robertson's, Frank Cooper's, Linda McCartney, Lima, Danival, Happy, Joya, Natumi, GG UniqueFiber, Tilda, JASON, Avalon Organics, Alba Botanica, Live Clean and Queen Helene.