Brazil-based meat and poultry company BRF has launched the Kidelli brand of meats, which is aimed at cost-conscious consumers.

According to a report from Reuters, Alexandre Almeida, BRF vice president of Brazil, said about 14 products, including sausages, hamburgers and cold cuts will be sold and primarily distributed through the discount market, which represents about a third of Brazil’s processed food sales as the country has recently been experiencing a recession. Sales of the new line of products is expected to begin in February.

“Kidelli will compete in a market which registered robust growth in the last few years,” Almeida said.


The new products are expected to cost about 15 percent less than the average traditional brands in the market, and will be produced at five of BRF’s Brazilian plants, helping the company to address the situation of idle capacity at some of its facilities. Kidelli products will have a separate sales staff than those of other BRF brands, such as Sadia and Perdigão, according to Almeida.

BRF, formerly known as Brasil Foods, is the third largest broiler company in the world, according to the WATTAgNet Top Poultry Companies Database, slaughtering more than 1.7 billion chickens annually. It is also one of the world’s largest pork companies.