On Jan. 11, Diamond V launched "Diamond V at 75: Immune Strength for Life" -- a monthly video series that celebrates the company's history in the animal and feed industries and highlights its vision for the future.

"Over the past 75 years," program host Kevin Corizzo said, "Diamond V has developed science, technology, and technical services to build a global reputation as the trusted experts in nutrition and health."

In this debut video, Corizzo interviews Diamond V President Jeff Cannon.

"Back in 1943," Cannon said, "C.W. Bloomhall started Diamond V with a dream -- in his words, 'to help animals do better.' I doubt C.W. knew that he was laying the foundation for a global animal health company, but the fact that we’re here today – and thriving – is a tribute to his ingenuity and vision."

Diamond V's discovery and development of unique, natural, microbial fermentation technology remains the foundation of the company's success.


"Our products help optimize animal health and productivity," Cannon said. "They work naturally with the biology of the animal to strengthen the immune system. They also promote food safety and support 'antibiotic stewardship' -- the global effort to sustain the effectiveness of antibiotics in veterinary and human medicine

"Now in 2018," Cannon added, "we're on the cutting edge of science that can benefit animal and public health for decades to come."

The "Diamond V at 75" video series will include on-site interviews with Diamond V experts at major industry events throughout 2018.

"We'll also bring you updates on Diamond V research, products, and services throughout the year," Corizzo said.