Nutritionists, geneticists and other scientists and educators in the dairy and animal fields will join those in allied businesses for the 2008 Joint Annual Meeting of the American Dairy Science Association (ADSA) and the American Society of Animal Science (ASAS). This year's event celebrates the ASA Centennial and will be held July 7—11, 2008, at the Indiana Convention Center & RCA Dome, Indianapolis, Indiana.

The joint meetings serve as an international forum for those in the animal and dairy science industries to gather vital information on the future of animal agriculture. It is expected to draw more than 3,000 scientists and researchers from around the globe. Over 1,800 oral and poster presentations, 90 exhibits, and 41 symposia relating to food science, dairy production, animal and human nutrition, livestock transport, food safety, and production and management will fill the program.


Indianapolis is the nation's 13th largest city, and one that has gone through a dramatic revitalization in recent years, offering big-city amenities in a convenient, easy-to-navigate package wrapped in a friendly, inviting atmosphere. The Indiana Convention Center & RCA Dome is located in the heart of Indianapolis and within walking distance of numerous hotels and restaurants. Skywalks link the Indiana Convention Center and RCA Dome to seven premium hotels, including the Westin (ADSA headquarters) and the Marriott (ASAS headquarters). The compactness of downtown Indianapolis puts visitors within steps of dozens of restaurants

In addition to poster presentations and scientific symposia, the joint annual meeting will feature a number of association business meetings, committee meetings, special events, student opportunities for career development and networking, special meal functions and related agenda items. For complete program details, including committee and business meetings, special meal functions and student activities, visit or