Multinational feed additives producer NUTRIAD received a delegation of ADISSEO to mark the kick-off of the integration between both companies. In a symbolic act CEOs of both companies joined in a tree planting ceremony. Attended by a broad group of employees, the positive energy was palpable as the excitement on the opportunities following ADISSEO’s recent acquisition of NUTRIAD was shared by all present.

As the completion of the agreement was recently confirmed, a kick-off meeting was organized to enable teams of both companies to get to know each other and jointly develop an agenda for next steps. The two-day meeting at NUTRIAD’s headquarters in Dendermonde (Belgium) was concluded with a ceremony, which saw NUTRIAD CEO Erik Visser and ADISSEO CEO Jean-Marc Dublanc plant a tree together to mark the start of a growing relationship between NUTRIAD and ADISSEO.


“Upon the conclusion of this kick off meeting, I am happy to note the positive energy and enthusiasm across both teams on the opportunities that the combination of NUTRIAD and ADISSEO will bring to our companies, teams and customers,” said Nutriad CEO Erik Visser.

“As the kick-off meetings marked the start of the integration process, today’s planting of a tree symbolizes putting down roots and future growth,” concluded Visser.