See what the 10 most read poultry-related news items and blogs on were during the past month:

1. 9 disruptive technologies coming to the poultry industry

Technology will change the way the way the international poultry industry does business. The only question is how soon it will happen.

2. First feed of day-old chicks is key to bird performance

Incubation of chicks has not changed, as the rest of the poultry industry has done: "It is basically the same as in 1957," said Dr. Peter R. Ferket of NC State University during his presentation, "Early feeding: a key element in antibiotic-free production” at HatchTech’s event at the 2018 International Production and Processing Expo (IPPE).

3. BLOG: No antibiotics ever not good for poultry welfare standards

Terrence O'Keefe: Global Animal Partnership standards require no antibiotics ever, which creates a potential conflict between the program and bird welfare.

4. Tyson sells Kettle, still seeks to sell other businesses

Tyson Foods’ effort to sell its non-protein businesses has progressed with the divestiture of Kettle, but other non-protein businesses remain to be sold.

5. HSUS CEO steps down amid sexual harassment allegations

Wayne Pacelle, CEO of the Humane Society of the United States, has resigned from his leadership position with the animal rights organization amid multiple allegations of sexual harassment.


6. Wayne Farms challenges itself to lead on poultry welfare

Poultry integrators and their farmers want to let the world know they care deeply about their birds, according to an executive with one of the largest chicken companies in the U.S.

7. Top 20 US egg producers in 2018

The top 20 egg producers — according to data from Egg Industry’s Top Egg Company Survey, which is part of WATT Global Media’s database on the world’s leading broiler, turkey and egg producers — are ranked according to the size of their layer flock at the end of 2017.

8. CEO: Interest in acquisition of Hain Pure Protein high

Hain Celestial has confirmed that it plans to divest of Hain Pure Protein and that potential buyers have already shown a great interest in the broiler and turkey company.

9. BLOG: What’s your antibiotic replacement strategy?

Jackie Roembke: IPPE panel discussion tackles one of the animal feed industry’s hottest topics.

10. Avian flu virus revealed in imported chicken in Hong Kong

Veterinary authorities in Hong Kong have reported the return of highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) to the region in imported chicken meat, while new outbreaks of the disease have been confirmed at poultry farms in Taiwan and South Korea, and in commercial ostriches in South Africa.