We can endure UB prices ranging from the mid 80s to the 90s. Given current feed costs, all but the least efficient are operating above breakeven.

It is said that low prices are the ultimate cure for low prices. Restraint in expansion and judicious management of flock sizes suggest a 10 cent/dozen increase to triple digits in the last quarter of this year. Let us hope that the “green shoots” the economists are talking about are not just poison ivy.

The July 2009 edition of Egg Industry  is the first bearing the new cover and layout. The production staff of Egg Industry has achieved an improvement in eye appeal which hopefully will lead to the approval of readers and our supporters.


Articles in this edition provide information on nutrition and beak treatment of pullet chicks. A perspective on colony cages in the EU is topical especially in relation to pressure by groups opposed to confinement housing of egg-producing flocks.

The views of Dave Rettig of Rembrandt are of interest to all producers since the volume diverted into institutional use and for exports stabilizes the shell segment of our industry.

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