The 50th Swine Research Days (JRP) were held in Paris February 6-7. Two communications from Animine, focused on current debate about zinc and copper in pig feeds.

A study from Ghent University (Belgium) showed that supplementation with pharmacological dosage of the standard zinc oxide or with lower dosage (110 mg/kg) of HiZox, a potentiated form of zinc oxide, increased gene expression for tight junctions proteins and for intestinal Alkaline Phosphatase, compared to the negative control.

These effects are consistent with previous results on Transepithelial Electrical Resistance measured on Ussing chambers, which indicated an improved gut integrity.


Growth promoting effect of high Cu levels in the post-weaning phase of piglets was also presented. An experiment, supervised by Dr Bikker from Wageningen University, compared the effects of copper sulphate and copper(I) oxide (CoRouge). This new source of copper, authorised in the EU since December 2016, maximizes growth enhancement in comparison to copper sulphate at 15 and 160 mg/kg.

With these innovative sources of zinc and copper, nutritionists have some tools to face regulatory changes in the European Union.