The French animal nutrition and health group CCPA announces the acquisition of a majority stake in the capital of Spanish companies Nutega and Novation based in Madrid and Arcos de Jalon.

“This operation is part of our international development strategy and allows us a significant setting-up on the European secondary market of the animal feed,” said Laurent Roger, export sales director.

Nutega and its Novation subsidiary are major Spanish actors, specialized in the manufacturing of premixes for animal feed, pre-starter feed, nutritional specialties and additives, with a turnover of EUR30 million (US$37 million).

Nutega started its activities in 1995 and quickly expanded its services and premix sales activities. Founded in 2002, Novation is specialized in nutritional additives. Today the group has two specialized factories, a laboratory and a team of 50 experts working in animal nutrition. Nutega operates mainly in Spain and Novation has a strong international presence through the export of its range of additives.


“We have very complementary activities with CCPA Group,” said Andrés Ortiz, CEO of Nutega and Novation. Our corporate cultures are very close, with a strong focus on innovation and customer services but also a total commitment to guarantee the quality and efficiency of our nutritional solutions. Thus, numerous synergies will facilitate the collaboration between teams for future developments. “

“To develop nutritional innovations on different species, Nutega and Novation can count for now on the resources of CCPA in research and development, including its experimental station, its laboratory of chemistry and animal biology and its innovation center,” said Erwan Gilet, CEO of CCPA Group. The combination of Nutega, Novation and CCPA strengthens the group’s resources to better serve customers and will also benefit collaborators and suppliers.”

The management team in place will continue to manage Nutega and Novation, headed by Andres Ortiz, managing director, with the same passion and energy, serving customers who have trusted the company for more than 22 years.