Lallemand Animal Nutrition announces it is joining Neovia “Farm of the Future” network as an “Innovative Company.” The label recognizes Lallemand Animal Nutrition’s work in developing microbial-based solutions to improving animal environments. The selected innovative solution, LALFILM PRO, is a protective biofilm for farm buildings that helps support the development of beneficial microflora — reducing the risk of contamination with undesirable bacteria.

A high level of hygiene and biosecurity can significantly improve production costs. LALFILM PRO is a mix of selected and concentrated Bacilli and lactic
acid bacteria that establishes a positive and protective biofilm after chemical disinfection. The biofilm helps create a safer microbial environment before
the entry of the animals and contributes to improved hygiene conditions.


Neovia’s “Farm of the Future” network aims to develop tomorrow’s tools and models of R&D in animal nutrition and health by generating and valuing new data as well as testing the value of smart farming solutions under farming conditions. See a video presentation of the Farm of the Future Network launch.