Daybreak Foods was granted a conditional use permit that will allow the company to expand its egg production operations in Lake Mills, Wisconsin.

The permit was approved by the Jefferson County Zoning and Planning Committee on March 26. The permit was previously approved by the Lake Mills Town Board in February.

With the permit approved by both entities, Daybreak Foods can proceed with plans to expand from 1.8 million chickens to 2.7 million chickens, which includes both layers and pullets.

A key reason for the expansion, according to the Watertown Daily Times, is to accommodate growing demand for cage-free egg products from Daybreak Foods’ customers.


Daybreak's capital operations manager Rick Roedl told the planning committee the company has several current buildings will need to be torn down to make room for five new layer barns, four new pullet barns and two new manure storage barns, among other buildings.

The company also plans to plant trees around the property, as trees help with biosecurity because of their natural air filtration.

Daybreak Foods Inc. is a privately held company and is involved in shell egg and egg products production. It is the fifth largest egg company in the United States, with a layer flock that includes 13 million hens, according to the WATTAgNet Top Poultry Companies Database.

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