Global feed additives producer NUTRIAD continues to invest in its ruminant teams around the world. In the USA the company specifically focuses on dairy farmers via its Dairy Sales Platform. The recent appointment of David Mlostek further confirms that focus. Offering species specific applications NUTRIAD supports dairy farmers in their nutrition and health challenges, building on its market experience in the leading dairy markets of the world.

The U.S. milk production reached 215 billion pounds in 2017, 3 billion pounds increase versus the previous year and a record high for an eight-consecutive year. It provides an interesting market for the additive solutions that Nutriad has developed.

David Mlostek joined Nutriad as a Dairy Nutrition Consultant and resides in Wisconsin. He graduated from Iowa State University with a B.S. and double majored in Dairy Science and Agronomy. His network amongst dairy nutritionists and dairy farmers in Wisconsin will help establish Nutriad’s position in what is consider the dairy state.


According to Keith Klanderman, Regional Director NAM: “We are dedicated to building our sales team with top industry talent for providing best in class service to our valued customers.”

“Nutriad is a dynamic and customer focused company with solutions that work. Pairing extensive research with a global network and local experts makes a winning combination. I am excited to join the company as it confirms its ambitions in the dairy industry,” said Mlostek.