TechMix Global has hired Laurens van Gilse to support sales efforts and distributor relations in the EU region. Significant international business growth has spurred the need for additional staffing. Not only has TechMix built relationships with distributors in a number of new countries, but they have also further developed their product line. In addition to the staple Fresh Cow YMCP that has been an international hit, TechMix has brought other domestically accepted products such as Bovine BlueLite Pellets, BlueLite Replenish M, and Rumen Yeast Caps, global. Mr. van Gilse, a graduate from Groenhorst College Barneveld, Netherlands, has an MBO level degree focused on dairy farming and livestock management.

Post-graduate training includes significant technical training in artificial insemination, hoof trimming, milking parlors and equipment and van Gilse holds certificates in each discipline. 


“The addition of Laurens to the TechMix international team will help us serve customers more efficiently and with another level of expertise. Laurens’s knowledge of the dairy industry and animal physiology will be of tremendous value to dairy farmers across the region,” says David Muysson, TechMix Global COO and International Director.

Training on parlor equipment and management by van Gilse has spread across the EU from Ireland to Italy as well as to Australia. His on-farm experience will be key as he begins to visit various customers across Europe. Van Gilse’s fluency in multiple languages will help him understand the challenges of the EU dairy farmer and effectively communicate and advise on solutions.