American Technologies Incorporated Petroleum, a Vietnam-based firm, introduced a newly patented aerobic bioreactor technology on poultry farms in Georgia, according to a news report.

The technology helps decompose waste to generate methane, which can be used to produce electricity. The bioreactor is capable of running on wood chips, manure and carcasses from the poultry farms.

It can decompose 504 metric tons of chicken manure, 1,500 metric tons of wood chips and 54 metric tons of defeathered chicken carcasses per cycle.


The manure can generate about 30,240 cubic meters of methane, which can be used to produce about 317,000kw/h of energy, the wood chips can produce about 15,120 cubic meters of methane, converted to about 159,000kw/h of energy.

A by-product of the process is nutrient-rich organic fertilizer, which is odor free and safe to handle. The technology helps reduce sludge and also eliminates the problem of groundwater contamination and waste storage, thereby helping farmers save cost on removal and tipping fees.