Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey has signed into law a bill that would change the amount of time between when an egg is candled and sold, and still be able to be labeled with the A grade.

With Ducey’s April 11 signing of the bill, an egg will be able to carry the A grade for up to 45 days after it is candled. The earlier Arizona standard was for 24 days. The time frame for eggs graded AA will remain at 45 days.

The bill, Arizona HB 2464, was introduced by Rep. Jill Norgaard, R-Phoenix, who called for the change because she felt too many eggs that were still fit for consumption were being destroyed. She also earlier said that such a new law would drive down egg costs as it would entice out-of-state egg producers to ship eggs into Arizona and create a larger egg supply.

Norgaard, a member of the Arizona House since 2015, serves as the vice chairperson of the House Commerce Committee. She also serves on the education and banking and financial services committee.


The bill had been endorsed by the Arizona Retailers Association.

Earlier votes in House and Senate

During the House’s first reading of the bill, it was approved by a 47-12 margin, then moved on to the Senate, where it passed unanimously with 30 senators voting in favor. The bill then returned to the House for a final vote, with the number of House members voting in favor increasing at 50-9, according to the Arizona Legislature website. One House member did not cast a vote on the bill.

After Ducey, also a Republican, signed HB 2464, it was filed with the Arizona Secretary of State’s office.