Aviagen Turkeys is pleased to announce that it is bringing British United Turkeys and the B.U.T. 6 to the U.S. industry. The B.U.T. 6 is a balanced turkey and its combination of robustness, weight and feed efficiency has made it the leader in Europe and it is a natural fit for the U.S. market. 

According to Jihad Douglas, president, “One of the strengths of Aviagen Turkeys is the two breeding programs and having both B.U.T. and Nicholas turkeys. Nicholas has been the choice in the U.S. for many years and the B.U.T. 6 leads the market in Europe. It is good to have options for the industry and based on the strong performance of the B.U.T. 6 and its long history of success in a variety of conditions the time is right to introduce it in the U.S.”


The first breeder flock is on the ground at Select Genetics and placements will continue throughout the year ensuring a steady supply of commercial turkeys starting in late November 2018. It is an exciting time and we are looking forward to sharing more information about the B.U.T. 6.