Gehren, Germany-based CFF GmbH & Co. KG has created a new animal nutrition business unit to create a continuous supply of dietary fiber for all livestock and pets.

The new unit will develop solutions for the growing demand for high-quality fiber with specific nutritional and technical properties.

CFF fiber concentrates are suitable for manufacturing feed for all livestock and pets. The fiber concentrates are hygienic and are free from mycotoxins, according to the company. The emphasis is on the high degree of functionality of the fiber and the nutritional effects on the animal. The high and standardized fiber content positively influences the feed manufacturers as they do not have to consider variations in sources of conventional raw fiber supplies. CFF’s fiber concentrates are of different fiber lengths from powdered cellulose and lignocellulose for nutritional and technological applications.

Animal nutrition expert Dr. Edgar Daenner is responsible for setting up the new business unit as product manager international.


“We see ourselves not only as a producer but are focusing our activities on the development of solutions,” said Managing Director Markus Zott. “For CFF, research and development implies the close cooperation with our ambitious customers and to create customized products and application-specific processes. Our recipe for success is our high-quality diversified product range for virtually all applications. We can respond quickly to specific requirements of our customers and the market in general.”

With its customized fiber products, CFF is successfully manufacturing fiber products for road construction, industrial applications as well as for the food and cosmetic industry. Over the years, a worldwide sales network has been developed.

“The establishment of the animal nutrition unit was the next logical step,” Zott said.