In March, Animine hosted its annual Asian Distributors Meeting in Bangkok. This workshop was an opportunity for the participants to exchange about the latest experimental results and applications of HiZox and CoRouge.

After the decision in China to decrease the maximum level of zinc oxide in piglet feed, HiZox was in the spotlight. Indeed, this potentiated source of zinc oxide, with superior antibacterial activity, can be used at supra-nutritional level to improve gut barrier function and piglet performance around weaning.

In broilers, Animine highlighted latest results from Southern Poultry Research Inc. (USA) and from Thailand, showing that mortality and performance losses due to necrotic enteritis were mitigated when feeds were supplemented with HiZox.


A special focus was on CoRouge, the new source of copper approved last year in the EU and at the end of the process of registration in Asian countries.

This monovalent source of copper oxide contains 75% of copper with high bioavailability and positive effects on animal performance shown in European and US studies.