The biggest headache for all poultry meat and egg industries has been the impact  of the global financial crisis, which has brought about a marked slowdown in world economic growth with the accompanying adverse impacts on global output, trade and demand.  The Executive Guide offers detailed analysis on a country-by-country and market-by-market basis.


Financial crisis hits production, trade and demand     3


Global recession impacts on buying behaviour     4

Growth in human population and GNI/person/year


Recession to hit meat production     12

World slaughterings/production

Chicken slaughterings and chicken

Chicken meat production ranking 2007 meat output

Broiler meat production - selected countries

Turkey meat production - selected countries


Major buyers purchase less chicken    22

World trade in poultry meat

Broiler meat exports - selected countries

Broiler meat imports - selected countries

Turkey meat exports - selected countries


Turkey meat imports - selected countries


Mixed fortunes for poultry demand    26

Chicken meat consumption

Poultry consumption - selected countries


Cage bans in the USA and EU will cut production    32 

Layer numbers and hen egg production

Egg production ranking 2007


India a major player in egg exports   38 

World egg trade


Mixed impact of recession 40

Egg consumption (supply)

Per capita egg consumption

Egg consumption