Miller Poultry and their contract growers take a significant step forward towards animal welfare and sustainable production by installing the innovative ESA-SERIES heat recovery ventilators (HRVs) in their poultry facilities.

“We are constantly looking for sustainable innovations to help our growers provide the best environment for their animals while being good stewards of our the environment. Sustainable agriculture while lowering greenhouse emissions is at the forefront of what we are striving for daily. This is exactly what the ESA-SERIES HRV does,” says Miller Poultry’s Vice President of Live Operations, Stephen J. Shepard.


The patented system designed by ESA improves the birds’ welfare in many ways. “It decreases substantially the level of ammonia and provides a dryer air in the chicken house,” explains the ESA’s Chief Executive Officer, Gabriel Gagne. “These are two very important factors that you have to monitor very closely to keep your birds healthy, especially in an ;Antibiotic Free production.”

While allowing for better ventilation practices, ESA-SERIES HRV also reduces farms’ heating cost. The HRV uses all the heat produced from the animals and reuse the heat generated by the existing heating system. “This technology improves air quality in barns, and allows growers to provide a better environment for the birds. Thus, improving animal welfare,” says Sydney Rosario, Animal Well-Being and Ethics Manager for Miller Poultry.