Wayne Farms LLC, a long-time supporter of Jackson County agriculture, is supporting the new Jackson County Multi-Use Agricultural Facility with a $100,000 Platinum Sponsorship. Ron Rogers, Wayne Farms Pendergrass Complex Manager, said the company’s strong ties with local farmers and the Jackson County agricultural community made the decision to sponsor the facility an easy one.

With literally hundreds of local farm partners and a major fresh processing facility located in the county, Rogers noted the depth of the relationship that Wayne Farms shares with the local community and its involvement in agriculture, business and civic affairs. “We’ve been a part of Jackson County for many years,” said Rogers, referring to the company’s nearly three decades of local operations. “We live here, we work here, we raise our families here—this is home,” Rogers explained. “We’re proud to play a role in making this new facility a reality, and look forward to the long-term educational and economic benefits that will come from it—and the positive impact on our local young people—who will take the reins someday and take this county into the future.”

The new facility will feature a center show ring, with the Wayne Farms logo emblazoned on the ring’s astroturf surface, along with a conference facility, educational classrooms, offices and state-of-the-art technology, equipment and furnishings. Marty Clark, chairman of the Fundraising Committee for the new facility, said Wayne Farms’ strong commitment to the community and the agriculture industry made it “a natural” for the premier Platinum sponsorship. Citing the company’s deep investment in local farm partnerships and as an employer providing nearly 1,000 jobs in the Pendergrass facility, Clark went on to note how important the new facility would be to Jackson County and to Wayne Farms in the future.


“This county’s future is tied to our agribusiness—and the key is building infrastructure and facilities like this to support that business economy and the quality of life benefits it will bring.”

Clark, a Jackson County native who’s family has generations in the local poultry industry, said the facility will showcase all agriculture, and also provide a facility the community could use for education, special events, trade shows and to support local farm enterprises with farmer’s markets and other programs.