As a new toolbox for 21 st century pork production takes shape, a top area of advancement capturing the spotlight at the World Pork Expo is medium chain fatty acids (MCFA) technology.

Now producers and swine industry companies have the opportunity to ensure sustained, full life-cycle programs utilizing MCFA technology, even across borders, with availability of the latest generation commercial product brands OutPace and Biotica, in the U.S. and Canada respectively, as announced jointly by PMI and Canadian Bio-Systems Inc. (CBS Inc.) at this international show.

“The pork industry is well integrated between the U.S. and Canada. The trends are the same in both countries, particularly toward rising adoption of new feed additive solutions to help meet today’s challenges,” says Dr. Suzanne Petersen, Marketing Manager at PMI. “And now, producers operating in both jurisdictions can benefit from the ability to ensure a sustained program of MCFA throughout all critical phases of production and movement of animals, including cross-border movement of animals.”

The latest research indicates leading MCFA options are beneficial in key phases of the life cycle and can support production systems regardless of whether or not those systems involve use of antimicrobials. However, with the shift toward greater restrictions on antimicrobials use and stricter judicious use principles, they have gained rising attention as a leading option to help producers transition to this new landscape.


“The advances in science now driving improvements to the tailoring and use of MCFA technology have come at a perfect time to help swine producers and industry adjust to the new rules without sacrificing efficient and profitable production,” says Rob Patterson, Technical Director with CBS Inc. “In fact, with the right formulations and applications as part of integrated strategies, swine production systems have the opportunity to raise the bar not only on alignment with the marketplace trends but also on overall production results.”

OutPace feed additive from PMI is specifically designed for nursery – grower pigs and includes key functional components such as patented MCFA. The product fits with strategies aimed toward supporting immuno-competence and gut integrity, including those designed to optimize performance during common periods of stress such as diet change, movement or other wellness challenges. Launched this year, Biotica feed additive from CBS Inc. is a proprietary blend available in a tailored formulation for swine that fits well with approaches targeting optimized gut morphology and integrity, thereby supporting animal wellness, performance, productivity and value retention across all production phases.

Both companies are strategic partners with Nuscience, a member of the Royal Agrifirm Group headquartered in Belgium, who holds key patents around the combination and application of MCFA formulations. “Supporting the gut environment is arguably the top area of opportunity for producers and industry to improve capacity, to get the most from production systems and also to protect value as animals move throughout the system,” says Patterson. “For example, pigs raised in Canada that are transported to the U.S. for finishing are faced with a variety of challenges including transport stress and heightened wellness challenges. Optimized gut health supports a higher plane of overall health for those animals and helps them better maintain weight and avoid stress or wellness loss.”

World Pork Expo attendees can get more details on OutPace feed additive by visiting the PMI tent (#G-523) and on Biotica by visiting the CBS Inc. tent (#G413). Learn more at and at