The annual Cobb-Vantress Flock Awards, the company’s top honor for United States-based customers, were recently awarded to poultry customers with remarkable results in 2017.

The awards program recognizes top-performing facilities maximizing the genetic potential of Cobb breeding stock. Each year, the Cobb technical services team conducts an annual Sold Flock Breeder Survey to determine the award recipients based on four key metrics: egg production, hatchability, chicks per hen housed and life of flock hen mortality.

The full list of 2017 U.S. winners include:

Cobb500 Awards

Complex performance

National best: Tyson Foods, Inc., Wilkesboro, North Carolina, complex. For the second consecutive year, the Wilkesboro breeder department received the top award from Cobb. The company was selected this year for achieving 177.22 total eggs per hen housed adjusted to 65 weeks of age. By maintaining focus and consistency in their management program, the Wilkesboro complex was able to again bring home this top honor.

West region best: Foster Farms, Delta, Colorado, complex. Foster Farms saw remarkable results in their program this year winning the top-performing complex in Cobb’s West region. With 173.21 total eggs per hen housed adjusted to 65 weeks, the team’s dedication to detail and the basics in broiler breeder production paid off in dividends.

East region best: Tyson Foods, Inc., Oglethorpe, Georgia, complex. The top-performing complex in Cobb’s East region was able to achieve 176.51 total eggs per hen housed adjusted to 65 weeks. Having a successful program able to repeatedly achieve optimal results shows the Oglethorpe team’s commitment to their work.


Individual flock performance

Fast Feather – best total eggs per hen housed: Tyson Foods, Inc., Forest, Mississippi, complex.
H&G Hen Farm, Stringer, Mississippi. Chad and Erica Odom were presented with this award following their flocks’ performance of 188.40 total eggs per hen housed. The Odom’s bought their two-house breeder family farm from Chad’s aunt and uncle who recently retired. The Odom’s are currently on their third flock of broiler breeders, under contract with Tyson Foods Mississippi complex.

Fast Feather – best chicks per hen housed: Tyson Foods, Inc., Oglethorpe, Georgia, complex.
Minh Hen Farm, Leslie, Georgia. The flock at Minh Hen Farm in Leslie, Georgia, produced 161.24 chicks, 183.01 hatching eggs and 88.10 percent life-of-flock hatch. It takes both excellent hatching egg production and excellent fertility/hatchability to achieve chick numbers such as these. The Minh Hen Farm works closely with Tyson Oglethorpe to achieve great performance and results.

Slow Feather – best total eggs per hen housed: OK Foods, Hermitage, Arkansas, complex. 
L&E Lynch Farm, Hermitage, Arkansas. Owners Michael and Lauren Lynch were selected after achieving 180.61 total eggs per hen housed. The first-time award winners were inspired to enter the poultry industry by Lauren’s father, who is a third-generation chicken farmer. The Distributed by HLK couple also manages two full-time careers: Michael works for AT&T as a telephone engineer and Lauren is employed as a pharmacist. The L&E Lynch Farm grows for OK Foods – Hermitage complex producing quality hatching eggs.

Cobb700 Awards

Complex performance

National best: Tyson Foods, Inc., Oglethorpe, Georgia, complex. The group’s second 2017 company award for great performance was recognized in the Cobb700 category. All Cobb700 flocks at Oglethorpe averaged 164.35 total eggs per hen housed adjusted to 65 weeks, 135.04 chicks per hen housed and a life-of-flock hatch of 85.27 percent. These exemplary results demonstrate the team’s dedication and focus as they transition to this type of flock.

Individual flock performance

Top 700 Flock – best chicks per hen housed: Perdue Farms, Statesville, North Carolina, complex. Rick and Jane Burris Farm, Statesville, North Carolina. Rick and Jane Burris were given this honor after attaining 185.61 hatching eggs per hen housed and 147.41 chicks per hen housed. The Burrises have been in the poultry industry for more than 50 years and, with the support of the Perdue Statesville team, continue to see exceptional results.

“While all Cobb-Vantress customers are committed to excellence, some attain a higher level of performance and deserve recognition for their outstanding flock achievements,” said Ken Semon, senior director of technical services for Cobb-Vantress. “Not only do these awards instill a sense of pride in our customers, but our top performers also serve as motivation for others to reach new levels of success.”