FarmLead, North America’s largest and fastest growing online grain marketplace, on June 19 announced its partnership with Family Farms Group Canada. Farm operations that are a part of Family Farms Group Canada will now enjoy full access to the benefits of the FarmLead Grain Marketplace, GrainCents grain markets commentary, and additional value-added services in the FarmLead product suite.

“Family Farms Group Canada is honored to enter into this partnership with FarmLead. We strive to provide our member operators the best in grain marketing tools; FarmLead is reinventing how grain is marketed and sold,” said Shari Rogge-Fidler, CEO of Family Farms LLC. “For Family Farms Group Canada, this partnership gives us an incomparable grain marketing competitive advantage.”

Family Farms Group Canada provides a wealth of business, agronomic and risk management expertise, enabling their membership to better manage their operations, and drive growth and prosperity for future generations. FamilyFarms Group Canada provides members a host of business resources with a singular goal of “keeping families on the farm.”


Today’s family farms face more challenges in the grain markets than ever before. Between constantly evolving trade issues and growing speculation by non-agricultural market participants, finding the best possible price has never been more difficult for farmers. Furthermore, grain prices are now at multi-year lows and understanding how to stay competitive is tough for any farmer.

“The ability to find better grain deals and understand significant market movements continues to be a challenge for all farmers, but with FarmLead, producers are understanding how to navigate these murky waters,” said Brennan Turner, president and CEO of FarmLead. “For farmers who are a part of Family Farms Group Canada, this partnership gives them an huge advantage in helping them sell their grain.”

From market analysis, grain testing and pricing recommendations, to accessing more qualified buyers and ensuring the best possible price for grain, FarmLead aims to provide end-to-end value throughout the grain marketing life cycle. It is the industry leader for online grain sales, with volumes traded through its award-winning marketplace growing at 700 percent year-over-year.