VIV China is one of the premium-quality trade shows belonging to the VIV worldwide series of events. This show has developed to a truly international platform serving the Chinese market.

Following China’s requirements for modernization, standardized livestock production, increased animal health and higher quality standards, VIV China is playing a very important role connecting the local and overseas industries to bring the best in animal husbandry to China.

In 2018, VIV China will move to Nanjing. New dates are September 17–19. A new location offers new opportunities and activities.

Jiangsu province is surrounded by important production areas. VIV worldwide expects to be able to extend its visitor target groups by moving to this new area. Exhibitors will be able to strengthen their networks by gaining access to more regions and the production areas in China.


The economic importance of Nanjing is increasing, also thanks to government support. Facilities for exhibitors and visitors are good. Nanjing is an attractive city, easy accessible for Chinese visitors by train, bullet train and by air. International visitors fly easily to Nanjing. The NIEC exhibition center has high-quality facilities, and transportation to the city center is close.



Target groups

Feed to Food exhibitor target groups

  • Industrial feed processing equipment, supplies, raw materials 
  • Feed ingredients and additives 
  • Feed 
  • Animal health 
  • Animal breeding 
  • Farm equipment 
  • Slaughter equipment 
  • Meat ingredients 
  • Meat processing, -packaging, -handling, refrigeration, egg processing, dairy processing 
  • Meat-, dairy-, eggproducts 
  • Subjects covering parts or all of the above-mentioned items in the meat supply chain 
  • Knowledge transfer and consultancy 

Feed to Food visitor target groups 

  • Feed mills 
  • Poultry farms 
  • Pig farms 
  • Cattle farms 
  • Fish farms 
  • Agricultural farms 
  • Meat slaughtering companies 
  • Meat (further) processing companies 
  • Feed ingredients and additives companies 
  • Farm/industry equipment suppliers 
  • Distribution/wholesale/retail/trade meat (products) 
  • Other distribution/trade agencies 
  • Veterinarians 
  • Research / consultancy 
  • Large-scale integrated companies 
  • National / local authorities