Novus International, Inc. and INEOS Nitriles, LLC announced donations to fully fund a proposed street safety enhancement project in Bloomington, Texas. The companies made the announcement at a community event hosted by Victoria County Commissioner Daniel Garcia on June 27.

Garcia proposed the project to significantly improve the safety of pedestrians in the area, which was a recognized need in the community. INEOS and Novus each pledged $8,000 to the installation of safety lighting along State Highway 185, specifically in areas where children walk to and from school. Installation will be completed in the coming months.

"We cannot thank INEOS and Novus enough for their generous gifts and the support of the community to get this project to completion," said Garcia.

Paul Wachtendorf, site operator at the INEOS Green Lake facility, said it was an easy decision to donate to this project.


"We've been a part of this community for almost 40 years. The people who walk these streets are our employees, friends and neighbors," said Wachtendorf.

Novus recently announced plans to build a new manufacturing facility that will bring significant jobs and economic development to the area.

"At Novus, supporting the communities we work in is just how we do things," said Preston Neely, deputy project director at Novus. "We thank Mr. Garcia for his hard work and INEOS for their partnership with us in this project."