Daybreak Foods can continue with its plans to expand its egg production facility in Lake Mills, Wisconsin, after a state board denied a challenge to a conditional use permit granted to the company.

The Wisconsin Livestock Facility Sitting Review Board (LFSRB) recently met to consider an appeal that challenged the issuance of the permit that would allow the egg company to expand its operation to a facility that would have about 2 million layers and about 750,000 pullets. Daybreak Foods planned the expansion to accommodate the growing demand for cage-free egg products from Daybreak Foods’ customers.

The appeal was filed by Aaron R. Johnson, who claimed that officials in Jefferson County had failed to properly consider air quality and odor concerns in issuing the permit, according to a report from the Lake Mills Leader.

The board denied the appeal, stating that the permit application filled out by Daybreak Foods satisfied the requirements of the odor standard in the corresponding state statutes, and that the challenge lacked sufficient evidence to show that the company would not be able to comply with the odor standards.


Daybreak Foods had previously said that it plans to plant trees around the property, stating that trees would help with biosecurity because of their natural air filtration abilities.

Daybreak Foods, according to the WATTAgNet Top Poultry Companies Database, had a flock of 13 million hens in 2017. It is a privately-held company that is involved in shell egg and egg products production.

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