Denis Kan, CPA, CMA, will assume the role of president of Jamesway Incubation Company. Kan is replacing former president Christopher Omiecinski.

Prior to his appointment, Kan has held positions as chief operating officer and director of finance for Jamesway. During that time, Kan has led the incubation and hatchery equipment manufacturer through many new processes and has used his formidable organizational skills to propel the company to new achievements, according to a press release from the company.

As president, Kan can be expected to continue this forward surge as Jamesway continues to acquire market share in the hatchery sector.


Kan, according to the company, brings a strong set of technical and analytical skills in financial management, reporting, and organization and planning, coupled with key knowledge in operational monitoring, analysis and control and strong business acumen in strategic analysis and planning, as well as tactical business and process alignment.

Kan offers experience directly in field sales and national accounts as well as a history of partnering with sales to work with strategic customers.

Founded in 1890, Jamesway has evolved into an international company with facilities in Canada, the United States, China and Russia that service more than 1,800 customers in 150 countries