Construction is progressing with the new Hybrid Turkeys commercial turkey hatchery in Beresford, South Dakota.

According to a press release from the company, the exterior of the new hatchery has been completed and workers have moved on to preparing the interior of the building. With the digging of trenches and laying of concrete completed, Hybrid Turkeys can begin the process of installing the equipment.

The press release also features a video, which shows the progress of the construction process.

The company broke ground on the new hatchery on September 26, 2017.

The hatchery represents an investment of about $25 million and will have the capacity for 35 million hatching eggs. It will be used in addition to Hybrid’s aligned network of hatcheries throughout the United States and Canada. The new hatchery, plus the capacity within the aligned partners, offers the capability of hatching 60 million eggs for the commercial turkey market.


Beresford is located about 35 miles south of Sioux Falls, South Dakota, and is well connected to the interstate system to transport day-old poults to the U.S. turkey market, according to the company. Beresford was also selected because of a skilled workforce in the area, Hybrid Turkeys stated.

The facility will be outfitted with Petersime incubators.

Turkey farm expansions and additions

In addition to constructing the new hatchery, Hybrid Turkeys is also expanding current farms and working on new farms. Those farms are located throughout the Midwest and will house the turkeys whose offspring will take U.S. poult distribution to the next level, the company said.

At the current time, many of those facilities have been completed and turkeys have already been placed.

“These are exciting times as we see months of preparation and planning take shape,” the company stated. “It’s not hard now to visualize the future of commercial turkey distribution, centered on delivering high quality products and services to our customers.”