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on August 20, 2009

EU eating more Chinese cooked duck

Since the end of 2008, Chinese duck has been allowed back in the EU.

A total of 1,791 tons of cooked duck worth US$13.7 million was exported from China to the European Union as of June 2009, according to Beijing's state-owned  Xinhua News Service.

Since China re-started exporting cooked duck to the EU at the end of 2008, its average export volumes and export value respectively kept a 69% growth rate and 80% growth rate on a month-to-month basis, according to Xinhua.

Currently, 300 tons of Chinese cooked duck enter the EU market, which accounts for 20% of its cooked duck imports. China's market share is expected to increase as a result of its price advantage, Xinhua noted.

The EU suspended cooked poultry imports from China in 2002 for food safety concerns, but re-opened its market to nine Chinese producers last September.

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