Select Genetics is pleased to announce the opening of its new diagnostic lab in Willmar, Minnesota. At 1400 square feet, it includes a dedicated serology suite and a negative pressure necropsy room. The additional space has improved the workflow and increased the testing capacity.

According to Katie Fransen, Diagnostic Lab Supervisor, “We perform a variety of tests at our lab from evaluating poults to assisting customers with bird health issues. However, the bulk of the workload is processing samples. With this new facility we have doubled our Salmonella sampling to over 2500 each month while continuing to process close to 5000 serology samples each month. We also perform a significant number of necropsies and this dedicated negative pressure room reduces the risk of cross-contamination.”

Dr. Ben Wileman, Director of Avian Science, noted “The lab plays a central role in monitoring and maintaining the health of our turkeys. This investment has given us an efficient, high throughput facility. Our people are what make it unique. We have three certified veterinary technicians with excellent necropsy and diagnostic skills in addition to the traditional laboratory skill set and we've also added an animal science graduate to the team. We strive to have quick turnaround times and accurate results on our cases as we understand the 24/7 nature of the turkey business."


Wileman continued, “The other unique thing is the laboratory network that we have in Willmar. We have a close relationship with the University of Minnesota Mid-Central Research and Outreach Center (MCROC) where we work with them on Pulse Field Gel Electrophoresis (PFGE) for isolate identification and tracking, microbiome studies on gastrointestinal and respiratory microflora, isolate gene sequencing and test development. We also have a close relationship with the Minnesota Poultry Testing Laboratory (MPTL) where our Salmonella serotyping is done and any more advanced or regulatory sampling that is required. The MPTL also has a new resident poultry pathologist on staff whom we use as a wonderful source for information, testing recommendations and advanced case work-up.”

Poultry health, biosecurity and animal welfare are critical to raising turkeys. The team at Select Genetics is committed to investing in the facilities, resources and people to ensure we continue to produce healthy, high quality poults.